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Strive Week, May 12-19, 2017, asks those who travel within Buncombe, Haywood, and Henderson counties to move in the healthiest, happiest, most sustainable ways possible. Whether commuting, running errands, or just out enjoying your cities, when you leave your car behind, you open the journey up to more connections. So please, join the Commute Challengeattend your local events, and consider going by bike, foot, carpool, or transit.

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Visit StriveNotToDrive.org or Facebook.com/StriveWeek

Resolve to Communte Differently in 2017!

Take the Wheel

I pledge to commute more by carpool or bike or bus in 2017, and I resolve to do it with Go Mountain Commuting’s help.

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Commuting in Western North Carolina is tough. GO Mountain is here to help. Through carpools, vanpools, transit, and active commutes, we assist companies and individuals plan commutes that get people to work in ways beyond one person in one car. Consider us a commuting case-worker, and contact us to solve your challenges. If you want to go smarter, GO Mountain

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Find a carpool partner, bike buddy or transit commute route by signing up for Share The Ride NC. Carpooling saves $800 a year per rider, on average.


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For Businesses

Contact Go Mountain to start a carpool or vanpool program.

We can manage an employee incentives program and help secure vehicles and funding for a workforce vanpool. Email or call 828-713-8616.