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What are ENERGY STAR New Homes?


All ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are certified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes receive the ENERGY STAR label, indicating to consumers that these energy-efficient homes are more comfortable, more durable, cost less to own, and are good for the environment. ENERGY STAR certification also increases a home's value.


ENERGY STAR's energy efficiency guidelines for new homes:


To earn the ENERGY STAR label, a home must be verified to be at least 30% more energy-efficient in its heating, cooling and water heating than a comparable home built to the 1993 Model Energy Code (MEC), and 15% more efficient than the state energy code. The ENERGY STAR label is earned only after the home's energy efficiency is verified, either by an independent third-party or by adhering to the quality control procedures established for HUD-code manufactured homes.


Does an ENERGY STAR home cost more?

An ENERGY STAR labeled home actually costs less because of the dramatic decrease in monthly utility bills. These energy savings can more than offset any increase in mortgage payments needed for the improved energy features, which can result in a positive monthly cash flow. Through better construction and the use of energy-efficient features, ENERGY STAR labeled homes offer lower operating costs (mortgage + utility bills) than typical homes of the same, or even lower, purchase price.




Standard Home


"Sticker Price"




Down Payment (5%)




Mortgage Amount




Monthly Costs




Mortgage Payment




Plus Utility Bills




Net Monthly Payment



$15 Monthly Cash Flow

Annual Cash Flow



120% Rate of Return


ENERGY STAR for Homes Cost Advantage


Standard Home





Incremental 5% Down:


$150 to -$350

Incremental Mo. Mortgage



Incremental Mo. Utility Bill



Incremental Monthly Cost



Incremental Annual Savings




This Information from the Dallas/Fort Worth ENERGY STAR New-Home Program at:


What Homes Qualify?


Any single-family or multi-family residential home that is three stories or less in height can qualify to receive the ENERGY STAR label.


How do you know if it's ENERGY STAR certified?


Look for the ENERGY STAR label, which should be prominently displayed on the circuit breaker box. You can also ask your builder for the home's ENERGY STAR certificate. This optional certificate indicates that the home has been verified to meet EPA's ENERGY STAR qualified new homes performance guidelines


The ENERGY STAR label:




Examples of ENERGY STAR Homes:


There are currently over 100,000 ENERGY STAR homes in the U.S., and these save Americans over $26 million annually in energy costs.


Pictures and information from U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR Program, http://www.energystar.gov


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