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What can my local government do?

  • Take advantage of the free Waste Reduction Partners waste reduction assessment. Most public buildings can save money and save energy with cost-effective, confidential recommendations by top engineers and managers.
  • Look at the energy-efficiency of your fleet. Consider buying a low-emission demonstration vehicle. Grant funds are available.
  • Examine ways to avoid sprawl. Local governments have broad authority to guide growth in ways that reduce the cost of services like water, sewer and public safety while reducing congestion and trip length.
  • Support transportation alternatives. Sidewalks, greenways, park-and-ride facilities and convenient transit all make communities more "livable" and reduce emissions.
  • Stay informed. Contact the Clean Air Campaign (251-6622) for an air quality speaker for meetings of your governing board, planning board, etc.

See also - What Can Citizens Do


For more information - contact Bill Eaker or Tom Elmore at Land-of-Sky Regional Council at (828) 251-6622 or e-mail

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