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What can citizens do?

  • Do a home energy audit, better insulate your home and reduce your power bill.

  • When you need to replace appliances or autos, look for efficient models.

  • Consider cost-effective energy improvements at work like Energy-Star computers and copiers.

  • Reduce trips. Combine errands. Carpool to work, meetings, and dance lessons. Telecommute a day a week.

  • Try compact fluorescent lights. They cost more initially but their long term cost is better and they don’t need to be changed as often.

  • Live near your work and help make a "walkable" community in your area.

  • Install water-saving fixtures in your home and cut off the shower while soaping up.

  • Plant trees and vegetation to help filter air pollution.

  • Volunteer to help with the Council’s Clean Air Campaign.

  • Stay informed. Look for future articles in this series on how to "Clear the Air" as you save money and improve quality of life.

 See also - What Can My Local Government Do?

For more information - contact Bill Eaker or Tom Elmore at Land-of-Sky Regional Council at (828) 251-6622.

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