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Energy Saving Appliances

When buying an appliance, be sure to remember the cost of energy for that appliance!

ENERGY STAR Appliances:


The average household spends $1300 annually on their energy bills. By switching to Energy Star appliances you can save $80 every year!

Save Money With Energy Star Appliances!

Quick Tips for Saving On Your Appliance Energy Costs:

  • Use the smallest appliance necessary for a given task. A toaster uses less energy than a broiler, and for small quantities of food a microwave uses less energy than an oven.

  • Manage your cooking time so you can cook more than one food at one in your oven or in a skillet. This can save your time too!

  • Defrost foods in the refrigerator, not on the counter. With simple planning ahead the frozen food absorbs the warm air in the refrigerator, saving energy costs, and you avoid the safety risk of defrosting on the counter.

  • Cover any liquids in your refrigerator, this avoids moisture evaporation which makes the refrigerator work harder, while keeping the liquids fresher.

  • When washing clothes use hot water only when necessary, always use cold water for rinsing.



Adapted from The Old House Web, "Fighting High Energy Costs," http://www.oldhouseweb.net/stories/Detailed/283.shtml.

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