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Let's Clear the Air

This regional campaign is focused on educating the public about air pollution and actions everyone can take to improve air quality in Asheville, NC and the surrounding region.

Clean Air Campaign

GOAL:  Reduce Air pollution in the French Broad River Valley through increased public awareness and participation. The Campaign focuses on making citizens more aware of our air quality problems and of what they can do to help solve these problems through reduced driving and energy conservation.

The Campaign is coordinated by a Steering Committee with representatives from 30 partnering organizations representing government, business and industry, and the academic, health and environmental communities.

The Campaign uses the following methods to deliver its message:

  •   Printed Educational Materials

  •   PSA Development (TV, Radio and Print Ads)

  •   Portable Educational Display

  •   Web Cams   

  •   Teacher Workshops                                                                                                             

  •   Speakers Bureau Presentations               

  •   Community-wide Educational Events
         (e.g., Strive Not to Drive Events)

  •   Ozone Forecasts/Ozone Action Day

  •   Press Conferences

The Clean Air Campaign has received funding from:

NC Division of Air Quality
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
Progress Energy

339 New Leicester Highway, Suite 140, Asheville  NC28806
Tel: (828) 251-6622   Fax:(828) 251-6353


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